Barnes Family Services began providing services in 2005. We are a family friendly company, and we support children and adults with special needs. The owner and operator, Rochelle Barnes, started the company because she has a son with special needs and understands how hard it is to let our loved ones who cant take care of themselves be entrusted to others. She wanted to ensure that our loved ones are safe and well taken care of. Ms. Barnes started this agency to make certain that there were services available to our family members with a company were the clients always come first and are taken care of by loving, patient, qualified people.

We offer Adult Developmental Homes, Child Developmental Homes, Day Treatment for Adults and Home and Community Based Services.

The owner and director, Rochelle Barnes
, has worked in the field supporting individuals with special needs for over 25 years in various positions. These positions include but are not limited to institutional settings, group homes, day programs, Adult Developmental Homes and Child Developmental Homes. She has experience supporting both children and adults with varying degrees of disabilities from mild cognitive delays to severely profound diagnoses. Ms. Barnes also has experience in supporting individuals with behavioral challenges as well. Furthermore, Ms. Barnes has done foster care in her own home for 19 years with both ACYF and DDD children; she has adopted 4 children and two of them have special needs. Rochelle has experience working with therapists, medical specialists and the school system. She has the unique understanding of both sides of the foster care spectrum in that she has had individuals in her home as a foster parent and also been responsible for the monitoring of licensed homes. Additionally, Ms. Barnes has over eleven years experience in licensing, training, behavior plans, habilitation goals and ongoing monitoring of ADH and CDH families. She also has a clear understanding and working knowledge of the licensing rules and regulations.